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Ancient Eastern Africans hunted with poison-tipped arrows

A study of 13,000-year-old bone artifacts found in Tanzania have revealed that the hunters of the area were using poison-tipped arrows. Their findings, published in the journal Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, showed that the bone projectile points are likely to have been used for poison arrows, partly due to the

Hand ax made from fossilized Stegodon jaw found in China

A 170,000-year-old hand ax made from the fossilized jaw of a stegodon has been found in China. Researchers say they have identified the first example of a bone, not stone, hand ax crafted by ancient humans in East Asia. Makers of the curved, pear-shaped implement probably used it to dig up

Neanderthal bone tool found in France

A multi-purpose bone tool fashioned by Neanderthals has been found in France at the Grotte du Bison in Burgundy. "This is the first time a multi-purpose bone tool from this period has been discovered. It proves that Neanderthals were able to understand the mechanical properties of bone and knew how to

Neanderthals made their own stone tools

 A study of bone tools found in France suggest that Neanderthals were capable of making their own stone tools without the help of modern humans. The team says there’s little doubt that Neandertals made the bone tools, because both sites also feature stone tools typical of Neandertal culture—such as handheld axs