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Virus DNA recovered from WWII skeletal remains

Evidence of parvovirus has been recovered from the skeletal remains of WWII casualties, making this the first time traces of virus have been found in old bones. A group of researchers from the University of Helsinki and the University of Edinburgh have been the first to find the genetic material of

Remains of butchered elephant found in Greece

Researchers working in Greece have uncovered the nearly complete remains of a butchered elephant, surrounded by stone tools. Marathousa 1 is located in an open-cast coal mine, on what was once the shore of a shallow lake. It has yielded stratified stone artifacts in association with a nearly complete skeleton of

Cave lion bones may be evidence of Stone Age sacrifice

A large quantity of ancient cave lion bones found in the Ural Mountains may be evidence of Stone Age sacrifice. The find was made in Imanai cave, in the Russian republic of Bashkiria, and it is causing excitement among Russian archeologists. In the excavation of a small area deep inside the

Remains of Cholera victims found in Dublin

The remains of people who died during the Great Cholera Epidemic of 1832 have been found during construction in Dublin. She said records from the 1870s showed the railway yard of the Midlands Great Western Railway at Broadstone was being extended. The company got permission to acquire 3 acres of land

1.84-million-year-old human hand bone found in Tanzania

A 1.84-million-year-old modern human hand bone has been discovered in Tanzania's Olduvai Gorge. Scientists have discovered the oldest known fossil of a hand bone to resemble that of a modern human, and they suggest it belonged to an unknown human relative that would have been much taller and larger than any

50,000-year-old human remains found in Siberian

50,000-year-old skull and bone fragments have been uncovered in Siberia's Altai mountains. Fragments of an early human skull and rib were found in Pleistocene era layers in Strashnaya Cave, it was announced today by Professor Andrey Krivoshapkin, head of Archeology and Ethnography at Novosibirsk State University. These are expected to be

3.4-million-year-old butchered animal bones found in Ethiopia

Marks found on 3.4-million-year-old bones discovered in Ethiopia may be evidence of ancient butchering by stone tools. “Our analysis clearly shows that the marks on these bones are not characteristic of trampling,” says Jessica Thompson, an assistant professor of anthropology at Emory University and lead author of the study. “The best

100,000-year-old remains found in China

Two 100,000-year-old limb bones have been unearthed at the Linjing Historial Site in central China. Li said the two fossils were discovered not far from each other. Both belong to a young person, maybe even the same person, Li said. There are several bite marks on the fossils. "We are not quite sure