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6th century medical manuscript found in Egypt

A 6th century medical recipe has been found in Egypt by the monks of St. Catherine's Monastery in South Sinai. Mohammed Abdel-Latif, assistant minister of antiquities for archaeological sites, explained that the discovered manuscript is one of those known as "Palmesit" manuscripts, dating to the 6th century AD. The manuscript is

15th-century printed page found in university archive

A page from a book printed in 1476 has been found in the archives of the University of Reading. The 540-year-old leaf comes from a medieval priests' handbook that had been printed by William Caxton, who introduced the printing press to England, according to a statement from the University of Reading. "I

Hidden annotations found in England’s first printed Bible

Hidden annotations found in England's first printed Bible, published in 1535. The annotations are copied from the famous ‘Great Bible’ of Thomas Cromwell, seen as the epitome of the English Reformation. Written between 1539 and 1549, they were covered and disguised with thick paper in 1600. They remained hidden until their

Nailing down the publication date of Homer’s “Iliad”

Scientists have been working to determine the publication date of Homer's "Illiad" using the same technique employed to decode the genetic history of humans by tracking how genes mutate. "Languages behave just extraordinarily like genes," Pagel said. "It is directly analogous. We tried to document the regularities in linguistic evolution and

Ancient Sinai manuscripts being digitized

Researchers at the Sacred and Imperial Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount of Sinai are working to digitize the library's collection of ancient manuscripts, hoping to reveal lost texts in the process. The image he has paused to appreciate is one of a steady stream coming from the room next door, where

Flooding in Thailand damages historic books

German book conservation experts are assisting Thai librarians and monks after flooding in the country damaged historic books in many of their libraries. 'When the books don't dry flat, wet them again, and flatten them out,' Moczarski says through her mask, and shocks her listeners by pouring water over an old

British Library raising funds for Cuthbert Gospel

The British Library is raising funds to buy the Cuthbert Gospel, a book containing the Gospel of John which dates back to the 7th century, for $14.5 million. The book comes from the time of St. Cuthbert, who died in 687, and it was discovered inside his coffin at Durham Cathedral