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Plymouth settlement excavated in Boston

Archaeologists have uncovered part of the original settlement of Pilgrims who arrived at Plymouth in 1620. The breakthrough occurred on Burial Hill, a rise that includes a centuries-old cemetery where historical lore had long placed part of the first settlement. But archeologists had never dug there before — partly through concerns

19th-century ship found in Boston

The remains of a ship from the 19th century has been found underground at a construction site in Boston. Boston’s archeologist, Joe Bagley, said so far he and his colleagues, who were called to the scene, have determined, based on the ship’s nails, that the vessel is from the mid-to-late 19th

18th-century artifacts found at Malcolm X’s home

An excavation at the Boston home of civil rights activist Malcolm X has led to the discovery of 18th-century artifacts. City archaeologist Joseph Bagley said this week that researchers digging outside the 2 ½-story home have found kitchenware, ceramics and other evidence of a settlement dating to the 1700s that they

18th-century garbage pit excavated in Boston

Excavations at the Clough House in Boston have unearthed a garbage pit dating back to the 18th century. During two weeks of digging, Bagley and a crew of volunteers collected tens of thousands of items from the 1700s. The haul included long-ago leftovers of everyday life: animal bones, doll parts, and

Big Dig unearths brothel artifacts

3,000 items unearthed during The Big Dig in are revealing details about the world's oldest profession in Boston during the 19th century. A North End privy sealed for more than a century has yielded thousands of artifacts that are giving archeologists an unprecedented look at how the world’s oldest profession

Traces of one of Harvard University’s 17th-century buildings found

Harvard archaeologists have found evidence that may pinpoint the location of the 1655 Indian College, one of Harvard University’s earliest buildings. In the final days of the 2009 dig, Peabody Museum archaeologists and Archaeology of Harvard Yard students uncovered a 17th-century trench situated on the parcel of land where the Indian