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Roman-era baby bottle found in Turkey

A 2,000-year-old pot used to feed babies has been found in the ancient port city of Parion in Turkey. "These bottles were used during ancient Roman times 2,000 years ago as equipment to feed babies milk or food. These are earthenware produced as a result of firing," Kasao?lu said, adding that

WWI-era bottles uncovered in Israel

Hundreds of bottles of WWI-era booze left behind by British troops have been uncovered in Israel. Israeli archaeologists digging near the city of Ramla are used to uncovering flint tools and Palaeolithic remains. But when they began excavating land that is about to be used for a new motorway they made a

13,000 Victorian food containers found in cistern

Thousands of bottles, jars and pots have been found in a Victorian-era cistern in London. The Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) found more than 13,000 pots in an old vault at the site of the new Elizabeth line station in Tottenham Court Road. The space beneath the old Astoria nightclub had been

Yeast microbes from the world’s oldest bottle of beer

Researchers in Australia have brewed beer with yeast discovered in an 18th-century shipwreck. Yeast microbes from the world's oldest bottle of beer — a 220-year-old bottle found in one of Australia's earliest shipwrecks — are being used to create a new, modern beer with the characteristic taste of the 18th-century brew. The

108-year-old message-in-a-bottle washes up in Germany

A 108-year-old message in a bottle thrown into the North Sea by George Parker Bidder has turned up on a German beach. The German woman who found it has been given the reward promised in 1908, by the scientific institution which has inherited the debt of honour: a shilling. The bottle was

Bottle of spring water found in Baltic sea shipwreck

A stoneware bottle containing spring water has been found in a 19th century shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Still corked, the perfectly preserved stoneware bottle was produced between 1806 and 1830 by Selters, one of the oldest mineral waters in Europe. The 12-inch bottle was found during archaeological work on a shipwreck

100-year-old beer bottle found in ancient church

An intact beer bottle from the early 20th century has been found in a 6th-century church in Cornwall. “There is a small amount of the original beer left in the bottle. So, who knows, we might even be able to work out which of Walter’s ales played its small part in

100-year-old message in a bottle found in Scotland

A Scottish fisherman caught a 100-year-old message in a bottle in his nets. Labeled as drift bottle 646B, the record-breaking bottle contained a postcard asking the finder to write down the date and location of the discovery and return it to the "Director of the Fishery Board for Scotland." The postcard