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Melting snow in Norway reveals Neolithic weapons

Melting snow in the mountains of Norway have revealed a bow and arrows that were probably used to hunt reindeer 4,000-5,000 years ago. The discovery highlights the worrying effects of climate change, said study author Martin Callanan, an archaeologist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. "It's actually a little bit

How the bow and arrow changed the world

The Columbus Dispatch has posted an interesting article about how the bow and arrow changed the world by triggering the growth of social complexity wherever it was brought into use. According to this idea, the introduction of a more-effective weapon system gave social groups a safer, more-reliable way to coerce uncooperative

Neolithic bow found in Spain

The oldest Neolithic bow yet discovered has been found in Catalonia, Spain. Archaeological research carried out at the Neolithic site of La Draga, near the lake of Banyoles, has yielded the discovery of an item which is unique to the western Mediterranean and Europe. The item is a bow dating from