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2,500-year-old gold bracelets found in Poland

A farmer tending to a field in Poland has uncovered three gold bracelets that date back between 1600-400 B.C. "These are unique monuments; probably the only of their kind in south-eastern Poland. We will study the place of discovery because we want to determine whether it was a discovery of a

Celtic bronze bracelet discovered in Poland

A Celtic bronze bracelet dating back to the 3rd century B.C. has been found in southeastern Poland. Scientists were informed of the discovery by the finder. Only fragments of the bracelet were preserved. According to the archaeologist, it is hard to determine the circumstances in which the ornament ended up in

Prehistoric bracelets found in New Guinea

Prehistoric shell bracelets made from coral have been discovered in Papua, Indonesia. "Most of the coral sea bracelets found in the hill slopes have been eroded by the water flowing in Lake Sentani," Hari Suroto, an archaeologist, stated here on Monday. Some of the bracelets were found in good shape, while others

Glass bracelet stamped with Menorahs found in Israel

Archaeologists working in a late-Roman/early Byzantine refuse pit in Israel have uncovered a fragment from a glass bracelet. A fragment from a glass bracelet inscribed with a seven- branched menorah from the Second Temple was discovered during Hanukka at an excavation in the Mount Carmel National Park, the Antiquities Authority announced

Ancient Transylvanians were rich in gold

A study of ancient Translyvanian snake bracelets has revealed that the people were extremely rich in gold. Showing "no economy of gold at all," craftsmen shaped each spiral cuff from an entire ingot, study author Bogdan Constantinescu said. Most of the 2,000-year-old accessories tip the scales at about 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram)