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23,000-year-old artifacts found in Brazil

23,000-year-old artifacts have been found in the Santa Elina rock-shelter in Brazil. Evidence of people’s presence at Santa Elina rock shelter, located in a forested part of central-west Brazil, so long ago raises questions about how people first entered South America. Early settlers may have floated down the Pacific Coast in

Ancient Brazilians reused homes for centuries

An analysis of ancient pit houses found in Brazil suggest that the homes were occupied continuously for centuries. Though larger communal pit houses were sometimes abandoned, the new evidence shows smaller dwellings were continuously inhabited. For centuries, single families or groups of families would reside in the same house -- building

9000-year-old decapitated skull found in Brazil

A skull found in Brazil that bears evidence of cutting marks on it's vertebra may be the oldest case of decapitation in the Americas. Nicholas Reeves says he believes there may be two hidden doorways behind the Tutankhamun's burial chamber, leading to two undiscovered rooms. Egyptian officials plan to use radar equipment

Cave art discovered in Brazil by wildlife researcher

A wildlife researcher tracking white-lipped peccaries stumbled across some previously unknown cave drawings which date back between 4,000-10,000 years ago. Keuroghlian contacted Aguiar, a regional specialist in cave drawings who determined that the drawings were made between 4,000-10,000 years ago by hunter-gatherer societies that either occupied the caves, or used them

Genetic markers link Brazil and Polynesia

A genetic link between the people of Brazil and Polynesia suggests that people from those areas were trading with each other thousands of years ago. One broad group of these Palaeoamericans — the Botocudo people, who lived in inland regions of southeastern Brazil — stands out, having skull shapes that were

Humans arrived in South America 22,000 years ago

Stone tools found at a rock-shelter in Brazil suggest that people inhabited South America 22,000 years ago, long before the Clovis hunters spread through North America 13,000 years ago. “We have new, strong evidence that the Clovis-first model is out of date,” Lahaye says. Among other South American locations proposed as human

Brazilian road construction unearths 60 new sites

Road construction near Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, has uncovered nearly 60 overlapping archaeological sites, some of which date back 6,000 years. The archeologists unearthed very old vestiges such as "sambaquis" (shell mounds) of the various population groups who were scattered along the coast of the Americas 8,000 to 6,000 years ago,

The oldest rock art in the New World

Rock art found in Brazil, which dates back between 10,000-12,000 years, is the oldest such art found in the New World. "It shows that about 11,000 years ago, there was already a very diverse manifestation of rock art in South America, so man probably arrived in the Americas much earlier than