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Ancient bread stamp uncovered in Israel

An ancient ceramic stamp used to mark kosher bread has been found in Akko in Israel. From the Byzantine period, the stamp is called a "bread stamp," as it was used to identify baked goods; this one, in particular, probably belonged to a bakery supplying kosher bread to the Jews of

Stone circle reinvestigated in England

Stones discovered in the Yorkshire Dales in 1896, and originally thought to be part of a corn drying kiln, have been reuncovered, prompting investigators to hypothesize that they were actually part of a communal bread oven. Dr Johnson said a circle of stones on the site was definitely either a

The world’s oldest hot cross bun

A staple of mine over Easter is the delicious hot cross bun. Now one grandmother has come forward with the world's oldest: a 189-year-old hot cross bun baked on Good Friday, 1821. Nancy Titman, 91, was given the incredible 189-year-old bun when her mum died and amazingly it shows no

Baker bakes bread with ancient grains

A teacher in England has baked bread using ancient grain developed by an archaeological botanist. Mr Letts developed the grain in frustration at the modern types of wheat grown in the UK, which produce straw too short for use as roofing thatch. He believed using older varieties where you could get