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Lasers and radar used to examine Roman bridges

A group of researchers have employed the user of laser scanners and ground-penetrating radar to study 80 Roman and medieval bridges. Discovering hidden arches, visualising the sloped outline characteristic of the medieval period, finding a Renaissance engraving on a Roman arch or detecting restorations: these are some of the results that

3,000-year-old bridge washes away due to flooding in England

A 3,000-year-old stone bridge known at the Tarr Steps in Somerset, England, has washed away due to heavy flooding. The River Barle in Somerset swelled so much that it destroyed the ‘Tarr Steps’ – a Grade I listed ancient monument formed of massive stones weighing up to two tons apiece. The

Neolithic farm found in Scotland

What may be the remain as of a Neolithic farm have been unearthed at the site of a new bridge in Scotland. Trial trenches have been dug in a field on the outskirts of South Queensferry on land reserved for the planned Forth Replacement Crossing (FRC). Archaeologists plan further excavations

Child’s ceramic practice pot found in Ontario

A ceramic pot, most likely the result of a young child being taught how to make pottery, has been found near a bridge in Ontario, Canada. "This is a very significant archaeological site made up of a series of cultural layers representing several different historic and pre-historic periods. Based on

Liquid sugar used to preserve medieval bridges

Scientists in Leicester, England, have used 70 tons of liquid sugar to preserve the remains of three medieval bridges. Experts from the University of Leicester immersed the 11th century bridges – whose ruins were so heavy they had to be carried in sections by eight-man teams – in tanks of sugar