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British Museum considering loaning Elgin Marbles

The British Museum is considering loaning the Elgin Marbles to Greece, but not permanently returning them. The British Museum said it was “open to discussions regarding a short-term loan of some of the objects but not a permanent return. “The trustees of the British Museum will consider -- subject to the usual

British Museum delays sending Cyrus Cylinder to Iran

The British Museum has delayed sending the Cyrus Cylinder back to Iran after discovering two cuneiform inscriptions elsewhere in the museum's collection that may shed light on the cylinder's missing passages. After that, “it is intended that the two new pieces should be exhibited for the first time in Tehran, together with

Egypt wants the Rosetta Stone back

Egypt is preparing a formal request for the return of the Rosetta Stone from the British Museum. Zahi Hawass, the head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, said he is preparing to "fight" for the restitution of the stone which has been on display in the museum in London since 1802. He

Egypt asks for Rosetta Stone back after Louvre victory

After successfully reclaiming some frescoes from the Louvre, Egypt now wants to borrow the Rosetta Stone from the British Museum. [Zahi Hawass] now wants the British Museum to lend the Rosetta Stone to Cairo. The artefact, dating from 196BC, carries inscriptions in Greek and Egyptian that first enabled hieroglyphics to be

Greece rejects British Museum’s terms for Elgin Marbles loan

Greece has denied the British Museum's terms and conditions for allowing the famed Elgin Marbles to go on display at the New Acropolis Museum. Culture Minister Antonis Samaras said the museum’s loan condition -- that Greece acknowledge the fifth-century B.C. antiquities as the property of the British Museum -- would be