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Traces of British fort found in Nova Scotia

Archaeologists working at Lunenburg Academy have found evidence of a 250-year-old British fort. About a dozen adult students taking part in a continuing education class at Saint Mary's University spent the weekend learning the basics of archeology and searching for the remains of a British star-shaped fort from 1753. "You really don't

British penal settlement excavated in Tasmania

Archaeologists have been excavating the notorious British penal settlement of Sarah Island, on Tasmania's remote west coast. Hemmed in by impenetrable wilderness, it housed the colony's hardest criminals, including the notorious cannibal Alexander Pearce. A team of ten archaeologists recently finished a three week dig on the island. Parks and

Remains of WWII bomber and pilot found in Germany

The remains of a British pilot and his downed World War II bomber have been found in a small German village. For Ashford resident John Tutt it marks the end of decades of searching for his brother, Sgt Bernard Frederick Tutt, who died aged just 29. They grew up in

How the middle classes in the 18th-19th centuries shaped the wine industry

The Economist has posted an interesting article on how the British middle class of the 18th and 19th centuries shaped the wine industry. In the 18th century drinking claret helped the rich to distinguish themselves from England’s port-sodden squirearchy. Port was not only the more traditional drink, but also—because it attracted

Wreckage from British WWII-era warship found in Corfu Channel

Pieces of a British warship that was damaged by Albanian mines in 1946 have been found in the Corfu Channel. The wreckage was found 50 yards (meters) under water in the Corfu Channel between the Albanian mainland and the Greek island of Corfu. It is believed to be a section of

12-year-old was youngest WWI British soldier

A 12-year-old boy who fought at the Battle of the Somme is youngest known British soldier to have served in the First World War. Mr Maher had told a recruiting officer that he was 18 to enable him to join the 2nd King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment in 1917. But his