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Bronze dog statue found in England

A hoard of Roman bronze artifacts, including a statue of a dog, has been found in southwest England. The 1,700-year-old licking dog is a ’healing statue’ and experts think it may be linked to the Roman temple at Lydney or that there could be a previously undiscovered temple elsewhere in the

Bronze workshop found near Angkor Thom

A large bronze workshop has been found next to the ancient royal palace of Angkor Thom in Cambodia. The discovery of a sprawling bronze workshop found adjacent to the ancient Royal Palace of Angkor has gone a long way in solving the riddle. The significance of the site was first revealed

Image of shark found on 2,200-year-old sword

The image of a shark has been found engraved on a 2,200-year-old bronze sword in Japan. Tests on an ancient bronze sword taken out of storage in the Tottori Prefectural Museum have surprised researchers. The blade of the weapon from the second century B.C. bears an engraving of a shark, the first

Bronze mirror mold found in Japan

A fragment of an ancient mold used to produce bronze mirrors that was found here predates any other artifacts linked to mirror production in Japan by up to 200 years. The mold fragment dates to around 200 B.C. and was found during an archaeological dig at the Sugu Takauta ruins in

Bronze harpy figurine found in England

A four-inch tall depiction of a harpy has been found at a quarry in southeastern England. We think that the figurine represents a harpy. It is quite finely detailed, and is in the form of an upright bird with a woman’s head and with small wings which are fully open. The

Celtic bronze bracelet discovered in Poland

A Celtic bronze bracelet dating back to the 3rd century B.C. has been found in southeastern Poland. Scientists were informed of the discovery by the finder. Only fragments of the bracelet were preserved. According to the archaeologist, it is hard to determine the circumstances in which the ornament ended up in

Bronze Pan mask found in Israel

A large bronze mask depicting the god of pleasure and music, Pan, has been found at Hippos-Sussita National Park in Israel. According to Dr. Michael Eisenberg, bronze masks of this size are extremely rare and usually do not depict Pan or any of the other Greek or Roman mythological images. “Most

Hoard of bronze artifacts found in Poland

Archaeologists working in Poland have unearthed a hoard of bronze artifacts in the Bieszczady Mountains. "All the objects are made of bronze. The treasure contains a pickaxe, dozens of fragments of a spiral necklace and a bracelet of with recurving endings" - told PAP Piotr Kotowicz, an archaeologist at the Historical