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Doubt cast on dead Roman brothel babies

Last year I posted a story about how Romans killed unwanted babies born at a brothel, burying them on the grounds. Now, doubt has been cast onto whether it really was a brothel. "My main concern with the brothel theory is that it's just too far away from any major population

Big Dig unearths brothel artifacts

3,000 items unearthed during The Big Dig in are revealing details about the world's oldest profession in Boston during the 19th century. A North End privy sealed for more than a century has yielded thousands of artifacts that are giving archeologists an unprecedented look at how the world’s oldest profession

Remains of Roman-era dismembered child found in mass grave

The remains of a child found in a Roman-era mass grave shows signs of being dismembered. Chiltern Archaeologists suspect the site in Hambleden could have been a Roman brothel – where unwanted babies were systematically killed. Dr Jill Eyers, who lives in Lane End, said the group has discovered cut

Romans killed unwanted babies born at brothel

The remains of 97 unwanted babies born during Roman times have been found at the site of an ancient brothel in England. The only explanation you keep coming back to is that it’s got to be a brothel,” Dr Jill Eyers, of Chiltern Archaeology, told the BBC. Experts say that