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Skull bone from the Buddha found in China

A skull bone that may have belonged to the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, has been found in China inside a Buddhist shrine. Archaeologists have discovered what may be a skull bone from the revered Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. The bone was hidden inside a model of a stupa, or a Buddhist shrine used

Ancient Buddhist sculptures found in Pakistan

Buddhist sculptures and carvings have been found in an ancient shrine in Bazira, Pakistan. Sculptures and carvings dating back more than 1,700 years have been discovered in the remains of a shrine and its courtyard in the ancient city of Bazira. The sculptures illustrate the religious life of the city, telling

Researchers digitally restore colourful Buddhist statue

A team of researchers from Japan have digitally restored an 8th-century Buddhist statue back to it's colourful original appearance. As a result of two years of research, the team used computer graphics technology to re-create the colors of the rich-colored patterns of the statue from the Tenpyo Period (729-749), based on

Ancient shrine found at birthplace of Buddha

A shrine dating back to the 6th-century B.C. has been found at the legendary birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal. Laid out on the same design as those above it, the timber structure contains an open space in the centre that links to the nativity story of the Buddha himself. Until now,

Taxila monastery is 300 years older than previously thought

New carbon dating tests performed on charcoal found at the only Buddhist monastery in the Taxila Valley, Pakistan, has revealed that it was built 300 years earlier than previously thought. Khan said pieces of charcoal found at the monastery were analysed in the US at the University of Wisonsin using carbon

Ancient Buddist relics found in India

Broken pieces of 7th century Buddha statues have been found in Karnataka, India. The face of the Buddha’s head is totally damaged. It has long ears and a small “ushnisha” over the head. These features indicate that the image is of Buddha’s head which dates back to the 7th century AD. The

Two huge Buddhist statues found at Angkor Wat

Two large Buddhist statues have been unearthed in Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple complex. Ly Vanna, an artifacts expert for the government’s Apsara Authority that oversees the site, said Thursday the two stone statues found at Ta Prohm temple were headless but the larger one if complete would stand about 10 feet

Buddha statue unearthed in Kyrgyzstan

A statue of a seated Buddha has been unearthed in the hills outside of Kyrgyzstan's capital, Bishkek. "This sculpture is as high as two humans. If we could straighten it out and put it vertically, its height would be about four metres. As it is sitting, it's about one and a half to