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Revolutionary War-era musket ball tests positive for human blood

A lead musket ball fired during a battle in June 1778 has been tested positive for human blood protein. "It's very exciting in the fact that we've identified a projectile that hit a human target, which tells us definitively that we found the battlefield," said Sivilich, president of Battlefield Restoration and

Roman “whistling” bullets found in Scotland

Cast-lead sling bullets found in Scotland have been found with drilled holes that caused them to whistle when being flung through the air. These holes converted the bullets into a "terror weapon," said archaeologist John Reid of the Trimontium Trust, a Scottish historical society directing the first major archaeological investigation in

Bullet may have been fired by Lawrence of Arabia

Archaeologists believe they may have found a bullet that was fired by Lawrence of Arabia at the site of the 1917 Hallat Ammar train ambush. Dr Neil Faulkner said: “Lawrence has something of a reputation as a teller of tall tales, but this bullet – and the other archaeological evidence we

Colonial America’s oldest murder solved

Archaeologists have solved the murder mystery surrounding JR102C, one of Jamestown's first settlers, who was found with a lead bullet in his leg. Now, 17 years later, the forensic archaeologists at Jamestown may have identified the victim and, therefore, the perpetrator of the crime. Recent evidence, Kelso says, points to a

17th-century bullets found in Newbury, England

Seven bullets fired during the First Battle of Newbury have been found in Newbury, England The ancient bullets, which were found buried underneath the ground in an adjacent field, are thought to have been shot from a carbine rifle. Mike Lang Hall, an archaeologist for Optimise, which is working on behalf of Thames

Civil War well found in Virginia

Archaeologists have found a Civil War well and artifacts on the grounds of the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Crews doing archaeological studies ahead of a planned utility project on the oldest part of the Williamsburg campus recently uncovered the well, as well as minie balls, or lead bullets

Civil War bullet found inside Gettysburg tree

A Civil War bullet (the white spot in the picture above), known as a mini ball, has been found embedded inside the trunk of a tree in Gettysburg. Kirby said it was common to find bullets there 100 years ago, but it's pretty rare these days. Two sections of the tree's trunk