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5,600-year-old burial mound found in England

A Neolithic burial mound has been found in a farmer's field in England. A Neolithic burial mound near Stonehenge could contain human remains more than 5,000 years old, experts say. The monument in a place known as Cat's Brain in Pewsey Vale, halfway between Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, was identified in

Large burial mound found in Japan’s ancient capital

A large burial mound measuring 230 feet per side has been found in Asuka, the ancient capital of Japan. A jumble of stones uncovered here offers undisputed evidence of a burial mound dating from the mid-seventh century that very likely was the final resting place of an emperor, researchers say. The first

5,000-year-old burial mound reconstructed

Researchers have been working to reconstructed a 5,000-year-old monumental burial mound found in Ukraine. Scientists reconstructed the monumental 5 thousand years old tomb discovered on the border between Ukraine and Moldova. It belonged to a representative of the elite of the community of nomadic shepherds. "This is the most complex tomb that

Thracian burial mound undergoes excavation

Three Late Roman graves has been found beneath a 20-foot-tall burial mound in the Valley of Thracian Kings in Bulgaria. Inside two of the three Late Roman graves, Dimitrova and Parvin found preserved human bones while the third grave contained cremated human remains. All three newly found graves were technically discovered in

Gold artifacts found in Kazakhstan burial mound

Three golden and bronze artifacts have been found in the Kok Kainar burial mound in Kazakhstan. Archaeological research was conducted by an expedition from the museum of history of Almaty in the burial mound of Kok Kainar. Three historical artefacts were found. One of them is a golden figurine of a

Vikings traded for Persian silk

Silk fragments found in a burial mound suggest trade networks existed between the Norwegian Vikings and Persians. In the Oseberg ship, which was excavated nearly a hundred years ago, more than one hundred small silk fragments were found. This is the oldest find of Viking Age silk in Norway. At the time

Four treasure hunters arrested in Bulgaria

Four looters have been arrested in southeastern Bulgaria after being caught digging illegally at an ancient Thracian burial mound. he four men were busted while excavating illegally at the mound, which does not lie far from the Bulgarian crossing on the Turkish border of Lesovo. The four treasure hunters are aged between

Bronze Age burial mounds to be excavated

Work has begun to excavate three Bronze Age burial mounds in Dorset before they are lost forever to erosion. It is hoped the current excavation will uncover more about the people who originally built them. Martin Papworth, a National Trust archaeologist, said: "These Bronze Age round barrows are important features of the