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Buried WWII Spitfires to return to the UK

Twenty Spitfire airplanes, buried in Burma during WWII to hide them from the Japanese, are set to be dug up and returned to the UK. [Thx Chulian for posting this in my Facebook group!] He said the Spitfires, of which there are only around 35 flying left in the world, were shipped

Buried Viking ships found with ground radar

Archaeologists in Norway have found what they believe to be two large Viking ships, buried south of Oslo. Road construction near the old Viking trading center at Kaupang has led to the discovery of two large ship silhouettes on ground radar pictures. The pictures have been made possible through a

“Sealed” Stone Age home found in Norway

A home which dates back to 3,500 B.C. has been found in Norway. It looks as if it was buried quickly in a sandstorm, causing some archaeologists to dub it mini-Pompeii. The discovery of a “sealed” Stone Age house site from 3500 BC has stirred great excitement among archaeologists from

Buried skeleton found at Yorkshire Museum

Workers doing construction at the Yorkshire Museum in England uncovered a buried skeleton. The skeleton was found in a shallow grave as work was carried out on the museum's drains. The remains have been removed by archaeologists. They will be examined by experts to try to work out how long the skeleton

Trove of buried Roman coins delcared a treasure

A collection of 1,141 silver Roman coins found in a field in England has been delcared a treasure. I wasn't aware there was a process to delcaring a find a treasure. The find was officially declared treasure today at an inquest in Leamington Spa. Warwickshire coroner Sean McGovern said: 'In this case