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No Spitfires buried in Burma

Back in November I posted about the search for 36 WWII Spitfires believed to be buried beneath a busy airport in Burma. Well, it turns out that they may not be buried there after all. [Thx to Chulian for the link] Mr Cundall has spent over a decade and more than

36 WWII Spitfires buried in Burma to be excavated

A British team of archaeologists are planning an excavation into Burma to dig up 36 Spitfire airplanes that were buried there during WWII. The aircraft are thought to have been shipped to RAF bases before being buried, un-assembled, in their crates. Having signed an agreement with the Myanmar government permitting him to

Buried WWII Spitfires to return to the UK

Twenty Spitfire airplanes, buried in Burma during WWII to hide them from the Japanese, are set to be dug up and returned to the UK. [Thx Chulian for posting this in my Facebook group!] He said the Spitfires, of which there are only around 35 flying left in the world, were shipped

Rain damages ancient pagodas in Myanmar

Heavy rain in Myanmar has damaged a number of ancient Buddhist pagodas. “We started renovation on the morning of October 21 when the rain slowed down. We will work on it as quickly as possible to restore the damage,” he said. “We were in the middle of planning a long-term project to

18th century Burmese letter made of gold deciphered

An 18th century Burmese letter, written in gold and rubies, has been deciphered in Germany. The 'golden letter', written by Burmese King Alaungphaya in the year 1756 to England's King George II, lay in the vaults of Hanover's Leibniz library for 250 years, as nobody could read its contents. The letter, which

6th century BC city bulldozed to make way for railroad

The ancient city of Danyawaddy in Burma, which dates back to the 6th century BC, has been razed to make way for a new railroad line. The most ancient city of Arakan, known historically as Danyawaddy, which existed in the 6 century BCE, was destroyed by bulldozers for construction of a

Ancient town discovered in Myanmar

Parts of a religious building and a wall that encircled a town dating back to 100 B.C. have been found in Myanmar. The town remnants were found after an excavation in two sites in Wadee in central Myanmar during July-August this year, Xinhua reported citing the official daily New Light

14th-century Burmese sites bulldozed to make way for railway

Authorities in Burma have bulldozed a path through the ancient city of Mrauk U to make way for a new railway. A local archaeologist told Narinjara that the construction of the railroad through the city started on 7 November, and many ancient structures built by 14th century Arakanese cultures have