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Brick wall found in Iran’s Burnt City

 A brick wall standing more than 5 feet tall has been unearthed at the Bronze Age Burnt City in Iran. Archaeologists have unearthed the tallest wall ever found near the ancient site of Burnt City in Iran’s southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan province. The brick wall, which was discovered at Taleb Khan Mound, is 160

Painted leather found in Iran’s Burnt City

A piece of painted leather has been found in the 5,200-year-old Burnt City in southeastern Iran. A team of archaeologists led by Professor Seyyed Mansur Sajjadi has unearthed the leather during the new season of excavation currently underway at the site. “Due to extensive corrosion, some experts and the archaeologists are trying

Human and animal statuettes found at Burnt City

65 human and animal statuettes, and various pots and shards, have been uncovered in Iran's Burnt City, Tappeh Dasht. Since most of the statuettes are broken, the archaeologists surmise that they were scrap, he explained. One of the statuettes depicts a pregnant woman and another is of a man wearing ornaments like