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2,000-year-old Bog Butter found in Ireland

2,000-year-old "bog butter" has been found 12 feet below the surface in the Emlagh Bog in Ireland. Bog butter was often buried to preserve it to be dug up at a later date. Other research has shed light on it being buried as an offering to the gods or spirits in

Early medieval butter churner lid unearthed in England

A lid to a Saxon butter churner which dates back between 715-890 A.D. has been unearthed during construction in Staffordshire, England. She said: "During this period this part of Staffordshire was part of the Mercian heartland and was populated by a pagan tribe called the Pencersaete. "Existing knowledge of this period for

2,500-year-old butter found in Irish bog

Another food-related post! A container of butter which dates back 2,000 to 2,500 year has been recovered from a bog in Ireland. The butter, weighing almost two stone, was found in a timber keg which may have been hewn from a tree trunk and shaped into a barrel using early Iron

100-year-old pat of butter found at Scott’s Antarctic base

The world's oldest block of butter (as oppose to the world's oldest butter in general) has been discovered at Captain Robert Scott's Antarctic base. The frozen spread was found in a sack in a former pony stable nearly a century after the adventurer’s mission to the South Pole. Captain Scott and his

3,000-year-old butter found in bog

An oak barrel full of 3,000-year-old butter has been found in a bog in Ireland. "We got down to have a look. We knelt down and felt something hard and started to dig it out with out bare hands," John explained. "We could smell it. And it was attracting crows," he added. What