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8th Grader finds Revolutionary War button at summer camp

An 8th grader in Virginia has spotted a button from an 18th-century Revolutionary War uniform in the mud at a Archaeology summer camp. “I picked it up and didn’t think it was anything at all,” Lynch said. She gave the button to the Watermen’s Museum Archaeology Camp leader Jason Lunze, and he

Remains of Union Soldier found in Tennessee

A construction crew in Franklin, Tennessee have stumbled across the remains of what historians believe to be a Union soldier. Along with the remains, police say military style uniform buttons were found in the dirt. Detectives contacted members of the Carter House and Carnton Plantation, Civil War historic sites in Franklin.  Representatives from

Old outhouses a window into 19th century Sacramento

Archaeologists who dug up and researched objects thrown away in old downtown Sacramento outhouses have now handed the artifacts to a museum. Where a huge state building now stands, the archaeologists found the stuff of everyday life: bottles, buttons, combs, spittoons, chamber pots and all kinds of animal bones. "Some would say