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Ancient Persian cairn wall found in Iran

The wall of a cairn, an ancient burial mound, from the Parthian Empire has been found in Northern Iran. A coin and a copper artifact of the medieval Islamic civilization were also found at the archaeological site in Nowshahr in Mazandaran province, the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization said. The Affelle archaeological

Looted Bronze Age burial cairn found in Scotland

A 4,000-year old burial cairn, robbed of its treasures in the past, has been found near the site of a proposed nuclear waste site. A large ancient burial cairn has been uncovered at the site of a proposed £100m nuclear waste dump.But archaeologists found no remains in the cairn or

Odd rock cairns pique interest in West Virginia

Archaeologists are trying to figure out who built the strange rock piles found on West Virginia farm. Wise said it seems unlikely that the Cabell County rock cairns are the result of someone having cleared off a relatively flat piece of land for agricultural purposes. Neither American Indian nor pioneer farmers would