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25 medieval skeletons found at the University of Cambridge

More than 25 skeletons have been found on the grounds of the University of Cambridge in an area that used to be home to an Augustinian friary found in 1290. He said: "The bones are really perfectly preserved apart from where early 20th Century foundations have chopped through them so in

University of Cambridge digitizes Anglo-Saxon manuscripts

The University of Cambridge has digitized the entire Parker Library collcetion of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts kept at Corpus Christi College. Click here to view the library's collection. The Parker Library was entrusted to the College in 1574 by Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury under Queen Elizabeth from 1559 until his death

Isaac Newton voted greatest Cambridge University student

Sir Isaac Newton has been voted the greatest Cambridge University student of all time by the current students at the school. The physicist and mathematician, who went to Trinity College, won 23.6 per cent of the vote in the poll by student newspaper Varsity. Charles Darwin, who attended Christ's College, came a

Rare colour footage of Winston Churchill

Rare colour TV footage of Sir Winston Churchill has been uncovered to mark the 50th anniversary of the college in his name at Cambridge University. In the recording of his remarkably prescient speech at the college the wartime Prime Minister declared his wish for Britain to continue as a world leader