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Hilton Head Island: The 4,000-year-old Native American camp

Hilton Head Island contains a 4,000-year-old camp that is one of the last prehistoric coastal sites in the US. The camp was discovered 27 years ago, when Jerre Weckhorst happened upon a fragment of a prehistoric clay bowl as he dug a water main in 1983. Though the fragment was

2,000-year-old aboriginal camp unearthed in Ottawa

The oldest aboriginal camp yet found in the City of Ottawa, Canada, has been unearthed on the Rideau River. Archeologists believe that the camp on the Rideau River was used periodically by Algonquin people because it was a good site for fishing, hunting and perhaps for gathering berries. The dig started in

British WWII prisoner of war camp remains found underneath landfill

The remains of a British POW camp where Germans were kept during WWII has been found during work on a landfill site in Aberdeen, UK. Remnants of the Tullos Hill Camp, thought to have been lost forever, have emerged from the soil in which they have been buried since the post