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Ice Age camp found in Peru

A campsite dating back 15,000 years has been found in Northern Peru. About 600 kilometers north of Lima, an imposing earthen mound looms over the sea. People began building the ceremonial structure, called Huaca Prieta, about 7800 years ago. But according to a new study, the true surprise lies buried deep

14,000-year-old hunting camp found in Argentina

A prehistoric campsite discovered in Argentina is evidence that humans first began visiting the area 14,000 years ago. Writing in PLoS One, the researchers describe a number of reasons why a bunch of sharp-edged rocks and broken animal bones point to a 14,000-year-old human occupation of Argentina. First of all, there

London construction unearths Stone Age camp

Construction work at the site of the new U.S. Embassy in London has lead to the discovery of a Stone Age camp. Archaeologists monitoring the building's construction over the last year uncovered traces of London's distant past — Stone Age tools, the charred remains of campfires, animal bones and a possible

Remains of Roman military camp found in Germany

Archaeologists working in central Germany have unearthed a Roman military camp that held up to 5,000 troops. “People have been searching for evidence of the Romans in this part of Germany for 200 years,” says team leader Mario Kuessner, an archaeologist working for the state of Thuringia. “It took a long

Mesolithic camp site found in Yorkshire

More than 450 flint fragments, dating back 7,000 years, may suggest the existence of a Mesolithic campsite in Yorkshire, England. In the autumn more than 450 flint fragments were discovered, some of which are tools about 7,000 years old. Many are burnt, indicating the presence of camp fires or hearths. Archaeologists say

Lost Roman camp found in Germany

A Roman cap which was the "missing link" in the chain of Roman defenses in western Germany has been found. Occupied between 11 and 7BC and the size of seven football pitches, the military installation was probably used to control crossings points on the Lippe and act a supply depot for

9,000-year-old hunting camp found in Eastern Ontario

A ancient hunting camp dating back between 3,500 to 9,000 years has been found along the South Nation River in Ontario, Canada. Thousands of stone items have been found at what Thibaudeau said was an obvious portage around a waterfall and rapids on the South Nation River. The spot is believed

Scotland has more Roman camps than any other European country

Scotland has traces of at least 225 Roman military camps, more than any other European country. Archeologists have been mapping Roman sites in Scotland since the 18th century, and aerial surveys began in the 1920s. Now remote sensing technology featured in TV programmes such as Time Team can detect ancient features