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Prehistoric campsite found in Minnesota

A prehistoric campsite, dating back between 800-1400 A.D. has been found in Minnesota’s Spring Lake Park Reserve. To the 1950s collection already at the Science Museum, they added stone flakes -- evidence of tool making -- and projectile points, more commonly known as arrowheads. They also found bits of

4,000-year-old campsite found in Wyoming

A campsite dating back 4,000 years has been found near the shores of Fremont Lake in Wyoming. On Wednesday, May 5, at about 1 p.m. a construction crew digging a water pipeline for the town of Pinedale uncovered a dark stain in the sub-soil. Just west of the Fremont

Ancient campsite reveals 2,000-year-old soup recipe

Archaeologists working at an ancient campsite outside of Edmonton, Alberta, have found enough information to guess at the recipe the ancient campers used for their soup. The cracked rocks got discarded when they were too small. Spicer sent several away for testing. Traces of pronghorn, rabbit, whitefish and trout, wild onion