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Canaanite name found inscribed on 3,000-year-old jar

The Canaanite name Eshba’al Ben Bada’ has been found inscibed into a 3,000-year-old jar. Intensive restoration work conducted in the laboratories of the Israel Antiquities Authority Artifacts Treatment Department, during which hundreds of pottery sherds were glued together to form a whole jar, solved the riddle – the jar was incised

Remains of ancient city found beneath Biblical-era ruins

The remains of a previously unknown Canaanite city have been found beneath the remains of Tel Gezer in Israel. The site has been excavated for a century, and most of the excavations so far date to the the 10th through eighth centuries B.C. Gezer also holds some of the largest underground

Evidence discovered of woman “king” in ancient Canaan

Archaeologists have uncovered possible evidence that one of the rulers of Canaan, all previously believed to have been male, may have been a woman. The plaque itself depicts a figure dressed as royal male figures and deities once appeared in Egyptian and Canaanite art. The figure's hairstyle, though, is womanly and