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Toad bones found in Canaanite tomb

A jar of toad bones has been found in a 4,000-year-old Canaanite tomb. A 4,000-year-old Canaanite “burial kit” has been found in Jerusalem that includes an afterlife snack pack of nine decapitated toads. Discovered in a salvage excavation near Jerusalem’s Biblical zoo, a set of intact jars and their contents shed

Ritual Canaanite artifacts found in Israel

Canaanite artifacts have been found at the ancient city of Libnah, in Israel. The discovery of masks and more cultic vessels has bolstered confidence that ritual activity was taking place 3,200 years ago at Libnah, a Canaanite city that would become Judahite in the biblical era. Previously the archaeologists had been uncertain

Canaanite DNA studies

Researchers have mapped the genomes of five 3,700-year-old Canaanite skeletons. Researchers reconstructed the genomes of the 3,700-year-old remains of five Canaanites unearthed in Sidon. Comparisons of these genomes with those of other ancient Eurasian peoples indicate that Canaanite ancestry was split roughly 50-50 between the early farmers who settled the Levant

Human remains found at Canaanite city

Human remains have been found at the Canaanite site of Gezer in Israel. “The heavy destruction suggests that the Egyptian pharaoh encountered much resistance from the Gezerites," remarks Professor Steven Ortiz of the Tandy Institute for Archaeology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, who is directing the excavations together with Dr. Sam

Canaanite offering found at Tel Gezer

A 3,600-year-old pottery vessel containing figurines of Canaanite deities has been found at Tel Gezer in Israel. A rare cache of gold and silver items dated to 3,600 years ago has been found at Tel Gezer, including figurines of the Canaanite counterparts of the Akkadian deities Ishtar, goddess of fertility, sex,

Canaanites imported animals from Egypt

New evidence has been found that suggests that 5,000 year ago ancient Canaanites imported and sacrificed animals from Egypt. A donkey, as well as some sheep and goats whose remains were found in Early Bronze Age layers at Gath dating to 4900 years ago turn out to have been born and

7-year-old finds Canaanite figurine in Israel

A 7-year-old boy has found a 3,400-year-old female figurine at Tel Rehov in northeastern Israel. A 3,400 year old statue was recently uncovered by a 7-year-old boy while on an outing with friends. Seven year old Ori Greenhut, from the communal settlement of Tel Te’omin in the Beit She?an Valley, went

3,400-year-old Canaanite fortress found in Israel

A Bronze Age Canaanite fortress has been found at a construction site in northern Israel. Among the artifacts discovered in the ruined citadel's rooms are ceramic figurines with human and animal forms, bronze weapons, and pottery vessels that hadn't been made locally – they had been imported. That is further testimony