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Canada’s Wild West – Yes, Canada Had a Wild West Too.

Canada's Wild West - Yes, Canada Had a Wild West Too.

Canada Had a Wild West, too Everyone knows about the American Wild West. Outlaws like Billy the Kid and lawmen like Wyatt Earp, have filled our spare time and imaginations since the West ended well over a century ago. How many people know that Canada has its own version, like so

14,000-year-old settlement site found in British Columbia

A settlement dating back 14,000 years has been found on Triquet Island in British Columbia, Canada. "Heiltsuk oral history talks of a strip of land in that area where the excavation took place. It was a place that never froze during the ice age and it was a place where our

145-year-old wheelhouse unearthed in Canada

A 19th-century wheelhouse has been unearthed during construction outside of Ottawa, Canada. The railway turntable, also known as a wheelhouse, was operated by the Ottawa St. Lawrence Railways. It was discovered two weeks ago on the site where Trinity Developments is planning to build several mixed-use condo towers. In its day, trains

2,000-year-old engraved stones found in British Columbia

Ancient engraved stones dating back 2,000 years have been found in the Comox Valley in British Columbia, Canada. As the students began digging for well-preserved shell and animal bone, they discovered many bone needles used for fishing, harpoon points, herring rakes, and sewing or leather work. They also found preserved deer,

12,000-year-old campsite found in Canada

A campsite dating back 12,000 years has been found near a highway in New Brunswick, Canada. The campsite held 600 artifacts, most of which were from tool making, as well as a fire pit containing ancient charcoal. "It's very, very rare to find a campfire from 12,000 years ago, intact like this,"

Possible New World Viking site found in Newfoundland

A second possible New World Viking site has been found on the southwest coast of Newfoundland. “Tremendous, if it’s really true,” said William Fitzhugh, director of the Arctic Studies Center and Curator in Anthropology at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington. “It wouldn’t be unexpected,” he said, but

Albertans are 300 years older than thought

New radiocarbon dates obtained for an ancient hunting site in Alberta are pushing back the date the first Albertans arrived there to 13,300 years ago. That means the 13,300-year-old bones, along with stone choppers and knives used to butcher the animals, predate what was thought to be North America's first identifiable

Evidence of Vikings found in Arctic Canada

A stone vessel found on Baffin Island in Canada is evidence of a Viking presence in the area around 1000 A.D. Dr Sutherland and her colleagues from the Geological Survey of Canada-Ottawa and Peter H. Thompson Geological Consulting Ltd have now discovered that the interior of the vessel contains fragments of