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French and Indian War cannonball found in Quebec

A cannonball fired in 1759 during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham has been unearthed in Quebec. The rusted, 90-kilogram projectile was unearthed during excavation work last week at the corner of Hamel and Couillard streets and still contained a charge and gunpowder. The work crew that found the ball picked

Civil War-era cannonballs uncovered by Hurricane Matthew

16 Civil War-era cannonballs have been found on Folly Island in South Carolina, the day after Hurricane Matthew swept through the area. A pile of Civil War-era cannonballs was uncovered by Hurricane Matthew after it lashed South Carolina with strong waves and high winds over the weekend. But rather than preserve

Nearly 40,000 cannonballs unearthed in India

Nearly 40,000 cannonballs have been found in India when workers stumbled across them while digging a trench for electricity cables at Fort St. Angelo. "It is a really huge harvest of cannonballs, and now the task is to preserve it after segregating and chemically treating the balls," said Superintending archaeologist T

Spanish Armada cannonball found on Irish beach

A cannonball believed to have been part of the Spanish Armada has washed up on a beach in Ireland. The beach at Streedagh has long been a hotspot for Armada enthusiasts. Three ships from the infamous 16th century naval force were driven into nearby Donegal Bay by bad weather on 21 September,

The oldest cannonball in England

A lead cannonball, fired during the Battle of Northampton in 1460, has been found at the site of the fray at Eagle Drive. The ball is about 3ins (50mm) in diameter and has been analysed by Dr Foard, who said it had suffered massive impact damage from at least two bounces

Mary Rose cannonballs had iron cores

An analysis of lead cannonballs found in the sunken wreckage of Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose, has revealed that they had cores made out of iron, suggesting that they could be some of the world's earliest examples of armour-piercing projectiles. The cannonballs would have worked much like a modern-day armour-piercing

Cannonball found on Civil War battlefield

A 12-pound cannonball has been unearthed by workers excavating at the Eastern Flank Battle Park in Tennessee. City police and fire officers along with a state Highway Patrol bomb expert were called out and determined the cannonball was non-explosive and no danger, said Franklin Police Lt. Charles Warner. “Finding pieces of history

Civil War cannonball found in Hollywood home

A Civil War cannonball was been discovered in the basement of a Hollywood home when the owner was digging out some old pipes. The bomb squad, which was called in around 11 a.m., feared the ball was filled with unstable black powder. Goggin says he trusted his steady hands