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Colonial-era cannon recovered in North Carolina

A dredging company in North Carolina has recovered a 93-inch-long Colonial-era cannon from the Cape Fear River. Little is known about the cannon, which has no visible markings, measures 93-inches long and “appears to have burst, possibly caused by a casting flaw,” the release states. The bore is 80-inches and 4-inches

Colonial cannon uncovered in North Carolina

A colonial-era cannon has been uncovered by a construction crew working in front of Wilmington's Federal Courthouses in North Carolina. The gun, size and style of the cannon found Tuesday afternoon in front of the Federal Courthouse building along Water Street pointed to a weapon made sometime between 1700 and 1750,

Iron cannon unearthed at Portsmouth Harbour

Dredging work on Portsmouth Harbour in England has led to the recovery of an iron cannon. Experts believe, although cannons can indicate the presence of unknown shipwrecks, it was an "isolated discovery". It is being held at the Mary Rose Museum before tests are carried out to determine its age. The cannon was

Cannon recovered from Civil War wreck

A 9,000-pound cannon has been recovered from the wreck of the CSS Georgia, which was scuttled in the Savannah River in 1864. As the mechanized stage of recovery began in earnest this week, marine archaeologists working on the CSS Georgia had just started to dig in for the long haul –

Breached cannon found at Revolutionary War site

A breached cannon from the Battle of Red Bank (fought on Octover 22, 1777) has been found in Philadelphia. "Everyone was surprised when the ground-penetrating radar picked up a large anomaly about two feet down," said Jennifer Janofsky, curator of the Red Bank Battlefield Park and Whitall House, and Giordano Fellow

Artifacts recovered from Spanish Armada ship

Stormy weather off the coast of Ireland has exposed a ship from the Spanish Armada, allowing divers to recover artifacts. “We have uncovered a wealth of fascinating and highly significant material, which is more than 425 years old,” she said. “The National Monuments Service believes that all of the material has come

Spanish Armada cannonball found on Irish beach

A cannonball believed to have been part of the Spanish Armada has washed up on a beach in Ireland. The beach at Streedagh has long been a hotspot for Armada enthusiasts. Three ships from the infamous 16th century naval force were driven into nearby Donegal Bay by bad weather on 21 September,

Cannon recovered from the Queen Anne’s Revenge

A 23rd cannon has been recovered from the pirate Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. The trip was the latest in 17 years of recovery efforts at the Queen Anne’s Revenge shipwreck site. The flagship of the infamous pirate Blackbeard sank off the coast of Beaufort after running aground nearly 300