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Maori canoe unearthed on New Zealand beach

A Maori waka has been unearthde at Muriwai Beach after a passerby spotted it sticking out from the sand. A canoe used for fishing and river travel, the waka tikai was discovered at the southern end of the beach. It took a couple of days to plan its excavation so that the

Ancient trade hub found in Kerala, India

A village in Kerala's  Periyar delta may be the site of a port that has remained untraced for centuries. Archaeological excavations at Pattanam, about 25km north of Kochi, have yielded an abundance of artefacts — a 2,000-year-old brick-layered wharf, a wooden canoe and hundreds of fragments of Roman and West Asian pottery, including

The oldest birchbark canoe in the world returns home

After more than 180 years, the "Grandfather Akwiten canoe", thought to be the oldest birchbark canoe in the world, has returned to Canada from Ireland. Passed among owners a few times, for more than 150 years it has been held at the National University of Ireland in Galway, which earlier this