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Ancient dugout canoe discovered in Louisiana

A dugout believes to be up to 1000 years old has been found along the Red River in Louisiana. The dugout canoe will be taken to Texas A&M University, where preservation efforts could take one to two years. Once that is done, the boat will be on display. The canoe is believed

Lake Minnetonka canoe is older than previously thought

A canoe found in the silt of Lake Minnetonka in 1934 that was thought to date back to the 1750s actually dates back 1,000 years. “We’ve always thought it was 200, 300 years old,” said Russ Ferrin, a retiree who runs the Pioneer Museum. “And then they came back and said

Ancient dugout canoe found by 7-year-old in Florida

A 7-year-old learning how to scuba-dive in Owen Lake in Florida has discovered an ancient wooden dugout canoe. Koen was in about 8 feet of water when he saw the piece of wood. His grandfather thought it was just an old stump or a piece of an old dock and tried

Bow of 210-year-old canoe found in Baja California

Archaeologists working in the south of Baja California have uncovered the wooden bow of a 210-year-old canoe. “We don’t know if the canoe was made by Bajacalifornian natives or if it arrived north by the currents, because the coast where we discovered the canoe is prone to the arrival of many

500-year-old canoe found in Alaskan forest

A moss-covered canoe which dates back 500 years has been found in an Alaskan forest. Preliminary examination shows that ancient hand tools, not modern saws introduced by Europeans, were used to cut the wood and hollow out the 33-foot-by-11-inch canoe, Sealaska officials said. Based on that, and on the age of the

1,000-year-old dugout canoe uncovered in Florida

A dugout canoe which dates back nearly 1,000 years has been found on Weedon Island in Florida. Oyster shells and goop were piled up one delicate trowel scoop at a time, revealing the outline of a long, narrow craft. At 40 feet, the vessel would have been large enough to travel

American Indian canoe found in lake bed

A well-preserved Native American canoe has been found buried in a lake bed in Florida. This 23 foot long canoe is believed to be between 5-hundred and 8-hundred years old. It was found in Lake Munson in Leon County last month when the water level was low. Florida has about 350-

Archaeologists investigate Hawaiian royals man-made island

Archaeologists have begun excavations at Moku'ula, a man-made island using by Hawaiian royalty in the 19th century. Dating to a time when spring-fed canals flowed through Lahaina, and much of the area was a wetland, Moku'ula was a man-made island in the center of a pond that served as the