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Cao Cao’s tomb is a fake

In December of last year I reported about the discovery of a tomb in China which belonged to Cao Cao, the third century politician and general. Now a newspaper in China is reporting that more than 20 experts have declared the tomb to be a fake. Today's Modern Express reports

CASS’s top archaeological discoveries of 2009

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has announced China's six top archaeological discoveries of 2009, including the ruins of ancient paper-making workshops and the tomb of legendary Chinese general Cao Cao. "The discovery is significant," said Su Rongyu, a researcher at the Institute for History of Natural Science under the Chinese

Cao Cao’s tomb found in China

Archaeologists in China have found a tomb they believe might belong to Cao Cao, the third-century politician and general infamous in East Asia for his Machiavellian tactics. A Chinese proverb, "speak of Cao Cao and he appears", is the the equivalent of "speak of the devil" in English. Cao Cao was the