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Did European’s visit Hawaii two centuries before Captain Cook?

An amateur historian in Hawaiian is trying to prove that Europeans visited Hawaii two centuries before Captain Cook landed in 1778. Finding evidence of a shipwreck beneath the ocean would finally prove a theory that Rogers, an amateur historian, has been promoting for decades. He thinks a handful of Spanish and

Descendants of cannibals apologise for eating missionary 170 years ago

The descendants of a tribe of cannibals in the South Pacific have apologised to a British man for eating his great-great grandfather. The meal they were apologising for was his great-great grandfather, the Reverend John Williams, who was killed on the island of Erromango, now part of Vanuatu, 170 years ago. Williams,

Did American whalers discover the east coast of Australia before Captain Cook?

A team of archaeologists are hoping to determine once and for all whether American whalers discovered the east coast of Australia before Captain Cook. The story began in 1803, after Matthew Flinders had completed his epic circumnavigation of Australia and was returning to England. He was a passenger on HMS Porpoise,

Captain Cook’s logbooks may yield climate change information

Scientists are hoping that weather data from Captain Cook's 18th century logbooks will shed some light on how climate has changed in the past 200 years. The logbooks contain detailed records of weather in the oceans, which were updated daily or even hourly by senior officers. There are measurements of wind speed

The world’s oldest potted plant changes home

An ancient cycad, a palm-like tree collected on one of Captain Cook's voyages, has changed containers at London's Kew Gardens. Wes Shaw, keeper of the Palm House where Encephalartos altensteninii cycad is on display, said: 'It is a very special plant. It came to Kew in 1775 and was last repotted 20