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New dating technique could cut wait times for results

Researchers at the University of Liverpool are working on a new carbon-dating technique that could provide results for dating bone in two days, weeks faster than current methods. It is the hoped the pioneering dating technique will reduce the wait for results from more than six weeks to two days, all

Taxila monastery is 300 years older than previously thought

New carbon dating tests performed on charcoal found at the only Buddhist monastery in the Taxila Valley, Pakistan, has revealed that it was built 300 years earlier than previously thought. Khan said pieces of charcoal found at the monastery were analysed in the US at the University of Wisonsin using carbon

Carbon-dating used to check wine vintages

Scientists are developed a way to use carbon-dating to determine the vintages of wine, preventing "vintage fraud". Ever paid top dollar for a bottle of wine that says on the label it's from a much-sought-after year, only to find that it tasted like cheap, non-vintage plonk? Well, a team of