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Carnivores snacked on Neanderthals

An examination of Neanderthal fossils have revealed that the ancient people were sometimes victims of large carnivores. The authors base their conclusion on a methodological study of 140 current forensic case reports from all around the world whose patients and victims presented traumatisms caused by carnivores such as lions, tigers, bears

Extinct giant carnivorous shrimp not so dangerous

A giant carnivourous shrimp, Anomalocaris canadensis,  which lived 500-million-years ago, and was thought to crunch through the hard shells of trilobites, didn't have any teeth and couldn't even close it's jaws. "It's because folks thought it was big, and people thought its mouth looked very fierce, and there was lots of

One of Europe’s last carnivorous dinosaurs

The remains of a Balaur bondoc, a relative of the Velociraptor, has been found in Romania. It is the first-meat-eating dinosaur to be describe which live in Europe during the final 60 million years of the dinosaurs. “Balaur might be one of the largest predators in this ecosystem because not

Fossil of giant whale-eating whale discovered

The remains of 13-million-year-old giant whale-eating whale, named Leviathan melvillei, has been discovered. By comparing those fossils, which were found in southern Peru in November 2008, with more complete remains of other species, the researchers estimate that Leviathan measured between 44 and 57 feet in length, slightly smaller than