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Neolithic human figurine found in Turkey

The stone figure of a reclining beaded man has been found at Çatalhöyük in Turkey. A reclining man with a bushy beard and big nose is the latest to join a haul of stone figurines unearthed at the ancient site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey. The sculpture, which measures around six inches

Found: Gemstone carved with image of Alexander the Great

A miniature precious stone carved with the image of Alexander the Gerat has been found in Jerusalem. Gilboa said the carved image shows a young and energetic face, with a sharp chin, straight nose and long curly hair held in a crown, the Web site said. The gemstone was found in the

Sandstone carving is Scotland’s ‘earliest face’

A sandstone carving of a human figure, believe to be Scotland's earliest human face, has been found on the island of Westray. It is believed to be the only Neolithic carving of a human form to have been discovered in Scotland - with only two others said to have been found

Ancient bone found with etching of mastodon

In what is being hailed as a spectacularly rare find, a bone has been found in Florida, etched with a clear image of a walking mammoth. According to leading experts from the University of Florida, the remarkable find demonstrates with new and startling certainty that humans coexisted with prehistoric animals more

The oldest sculpture of a human figure yet found

An object found in Germany, which portrays a woman with huge breasts, big buttocks and exaggerated genitals, is thought to be at least 35,000 years old. The Venus of Hohle Fels was found in six fragments in September 2008. It is still missing its left arm and shoulder, but researchers are

Shipwreck artifacts go on display

Artifacts from a 17th Century shipwreck found off the Dorset coast, England, have gone on display. Artefacts raised from the seabed and on display include two leather shoes, musket balls, kitchen utensils and an apothecary jar. The most unusual find is a rare wooden carving of a merman, which Ms Palma believes