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India’s caste system began 2,000 years ago

A new genetic study carried out in India has revealed that the caste system began 2,000 years ago when the mixing of DNA from two separate populations in the area abruptly stopped. “From genetic data, remarkably, you see this picture emerging of cultural change,” Reich said. The population mixture didn’t happen

India’s many distinct peoples spring from two ancient populations

DNA analysis has shown that India's many distinct peoples sprang from two ancient populations, and inbreeding has led to marked genetic differences amoung the castes. Nick Patterson of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and colleagues examined fragments of DNA from 25 groups across India. They included castes and hunter-gatherer tribes,

Old Japanese Maps On Google Earth Unveil Secrets

Recently Google added historical maps of Japan as a layer to their Google Earth software, never realizing the controversy it would cause as it shows the locations of form low-caste communities. Castes have long since been abolished, and the old buraku villages have largely faded away or been swallowed by Japan's