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Silver coin cache found in Polish castle

A cache of silver coins has been found in the 17th-century Czluchów Castle in northwestern Poland. Eighteen silver coins from the mid-seventeenth century were found by archaeologists from Warsaw during the excavations at the Cz?uchów castle (Pomeranian province). The coins were probably hidden during the Deluge in 1657, the discoverers believe. The

Metal bird found at Bamburgh Castle in England

A small copper-alloy bird has been found at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, England. It is fascinating that the new image appears to hark back in time to the bird of prey motifs of the 6th and 7th centuries AD and could represent a descendant of these earlier styles just as the

Medieval castle found in Poland

The remains of a 14th-century castle has been found on an island in the Czerna Wielka River in Poland. The castle we have discovered has been known only from medieval documents, because the area where the ruins are located is on the military training ground used until the 1990s" - told

Heidelberg Castle digitally reconstructed

Heidelberg Castle in Germany has been digitally reconstructed using photographs, drawings and surveys of the ruins. Germany's Heidelberg Castle has been digitally reconstructed to show what it would have looked like before it was destroyed by lightning, war and fire – and it very much resembles the setting of 2014 movie

English castle mound dates back to Iron Age

A mound at Skipsea Castle in East Yorkshire, thought to date back to the 11th century, has been dated back to the Iron Age. Dr Leary, who led the excavation of the site near Bridlington, added: "It's the largest Iron Age mound in Britain and there it was hiding from us

Medieval castle foundations uncovered in Scotland

The foundations of what may be a 14th-century castle have been unearthed in eastern Scotland. The castle was likely to be in the form of a Tower House surrounded by a curtain wall and ancillary buildings, and the site has been noted on maps of the area since 1865 but it

Medieval castle unearthed in Wales

The remains of a small medieval castle have been unearthed in northern Wales. “It was occupied in the 11th or 12th centuries AD by someone of significance who could afford to hire a blacksmith to make the knives and nails and other small items that the house needed.” Among the findings made

Medieval castle found in Glasgow

Traces of Partick Castle have been found in Glasgow, Scotland. The lands of Partick were given to Glasgow Cathedral in 1136 by King David. It was believed to have subsequently become the country seat of the Bishops of Glasgow, with a fortified stone structure of some kind likely erected on the