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Medieval building found during cathedral excavation

Archaeologists excavating the Rochester Cathedral in Kent, England's second-oldest cathedral, to conserve a Roman city wall were surprised when they came across evidence of a medieval building they didn't know existed. While digging exploratory pits, experts came across a medieval structure believed to be a window or a door of

Early queen’s skeleton found in German cathedral

The remains of one of the earlist members of the English royal family may have been found in a German cathedral. They believe a near-complete female skeleton, aged 30 to 40, found wrapped in silk in a lead coffin in Magdeburg Cathedral is that of Queen Eadgyth. The granddaughter of Alfred the

Torture victim’s skeleton found in Byzantine cathedral

The skeleton of a torture victim dating back to the 5th century has been found in a Byzantine cathedral in Syria. A grape squeezer and the skeleton of a human believed to have been tortured to death were found in a service area off the northern hall, Abdul-Maseeh Baghdo, the leader

Angel’s face uncovered at Istanbul’s Haghia Sophia cathedral

Restoration work has uncovered a long-hidden mosaic of an angel's face at Istanbul's Byzantine cathedral - the Hagia Sophia. The seraphim figure is one of two located on the side of a dome. The figures had been covered up along with the building's other Christian mosaics shortly after Constantinople - the