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16th century grave of Spanish priest found in Mexico City

A 16th century grave which may belong to one of the first Catholic priests in Mexico after the Spanish conquest has been found near Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral. The nearly 2-metre-long slab was sunk into the same level of the stucco floor of what appears to be an Aztec temple. The

René Descartes was poisoned by Catholic priest

A Cartesian expert claims that René Descartes was murdered by an arsenic-laced holy communion wafer. [Thx Seb] According to Theodor Ebert, an academic at the University of Erlangen, Descartes died not through natural causes but from an arsenic-laced communion wafer given to him by a Catholic priest. Ebert believes

Documents from Vatican’s secret archives published for first time

A series of documents, including a 13th-century letter from Genghis Khan's grandson demanding homage from the pope, have been release from the Vatican's secret archives. The Holy See’s archives contain scrolls, parchments and leather-bound volumes with correspondence dating back more than 1,000 years. High-quality reproductions of 105 documents, 19 of which have