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African cattle domesticated in the Middle East

A new genetic study suggested that African cattle, thought have been domesticated there 10,000 years ago, may actually have been domesticated in the Middle East. Prof. Decker says the genetics of these African cattle breeds are similar to those of cattle first domesticated in the Middle East nearly 10,000 years ago,

Cow jawbone sheds light on cattle domestication in China

The jawbone of a cow, discovered in China, has revealed that cattle domestication in the area began about 10,000 years ago. After excavating the jawbone of a cow in northern China with telltale characteristics of being a domesticated animal, a multidisciplinary team of researchers report that humans may have started domesticating

Cattle damage Bronze Age monument

A herd of grazing cattle have been rubbing up against a Bronze Age monument named Mên-an-Tol in West Cornwall, damaging the landmark in the process. Ian McNeil Cooke, of the Save Penwith Moors action group, said: "On one of my recent, regular walks from my studio about half a mile away, I

1,000 kg of cattle bones may mark lavish feasts

A metric ton worth of cattle bones have been found in an abandoned theatre in the ancient city of Corinth in Greece. Archaeologists believe that the theatre may have been used to prepare the meat for lavish feasts. A theater may seem an odd place for a butchery operation, MacKinnon said,