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Cave paintings found in Spain

Paleolithic cave paintings have been found in Aurea Cave in Cantabria, Spain. The cave drawings include what appears to be a reoccurring sign, consisting of a red vertical line and dots and appearing at different locations within the cave. Some paintings appear to be draw by fingertip while others appear to

World’s oldest art identified in Indonesian cave

Ancient cave art found in a cave in the 1950s on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi has undergone uranium-thorium dating, revealing that the art was made 40,000 years ago. The researchers dated 12 stencils of human hands and two images of large animals. Because they sampled the top layer of calcium

Reintroducing tourists to Altamira

In 2002 the cave art found at Altamira was made off limits to tourists due to the growth of mold on the cave walls. Now a new study is underway to determine if there is a way to reintroduce visitors to the caves in a way that fits in with

Spain officially homes to world’s oldest cave art

An analysis of a red disk painted on a wall in El Castillo cave in northern Spain has dated the work back 40,800 years, making it the world's oldest cave art. It’s no Mona Lisa, but a smudged red disk in northern Spain has been crowned the world’s earliest cave painting.

3,000 cave paintings found in Mexico

Nearly 3,000 cave paintings which date back 2,000 years have been found in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. These paintings, with yellow, red and black the predominating colors, generally represent human figures with headdresses, robes and shields, as well as some as yet unidentified instruments. Often in hunting and battle scenes

Cave art found in Dordogne

Ancient cave art has been found in a cave in Dordogne, France. One of the pieces of art, discovered in the cave of Rouffignac in the Dordogne, is thought to be a 13,000-year-old finger painting created by two and three-year-olds. Jessica Cooney, speaking to the BBC's David Sillito, explains that the most

Lascaux cave art under attack from fungus

The 18,000-year-old cave art in Lascaux cave is under under attack by mold and fungus. "The cave was completely disturbed," said Clottes, 78. "In 1947 alone, they dug out 600 cubic metres of sediment to make an entrance and concrete path and installed lighting for the public." Six hundred cubic metres (22,000

The world’s oldest optical illusion

Could cave art in France be the world's oldest optical illusion? A new paper argues yes. The paper's author, Duncan Caldwell has surveyed the Paleolithic art of several caves in France and discovered a recurring theme that he says can't be simply accidental. Throughout the cave of Font-de-Gaume, and in examples