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4th-century burials found in Polish cave

The remains of at least six skeletons which date back to the 4th-century A.D. have been found in Hanged Man Cave in Poland. "The dead whose bones were found in the cave probably came from the northern coasts of the Black Sea, as evidenced by the characteristic composition of deposits located

Mummifed dog found in Mexican cave

Back in the 1950s a mummified dog was been found in the Candelaria Cave in Northern Mexico. Now researchers are beginning tests that will determine it's true age and breed. Experts unveil a cave dog, thought to be 1000-years-old, found in the Candelaria Cave in northern Mexico. They think the dog

Remains of ancient mass banquet found in cave

The remains of a massive banquet from 12,000 years ago have been found in a cave in northern Israel.A team excavating a burial cave in Galilee, northern Israel, uncovered the remains of at least 71 tortoises and three wild cattle. The shells and bones showed evidence of the animals being

Viking necklace found in cave in Ireland

A stunning 1,150-year-old viking necklace has been found in a cave in Ireland. A team of archaeologists are scratching their heads over the 'bizarre' discovery of a 1,150-year-old Viking necklace in a Burren Cave. It is the largest Viking necklace discovered in Ireland and is said to be "relatively rare

The oldest stone wall in Greece

A 23,000-year-old wall have been found at the entrance to a cave in Thessaly. The age of the find, determined by an optical dating test, singles it out as "probably one of the oldest in the world", according to a ministry press release. "The dating matches the coldest period of

Prehistoric human remains found in Malaysian cave

The skeletal remains of a youth who died 8,000-11,000 year ago have been found in a cave in Malaysia. The bones were found in the Bewah Cave near Kenyir Lake in the northeastern state of Terengganu in November. DNA samples had been sent to the United States for radiocarbon dating with results

Three unfinished Byzantine tombs found in Syrian cave

Three unfinished Byzantine tombs have been found in a recently discovered a cave in Wadi al-Zahab, Syria. Head of the Department Farid Jabbour said the cemetery was discovered during the excavations carried out by the General Establishment for Water studies to keep off floods. The expedition also surveyed the areas of Tal

Prehistoric rock art found in Indonesia

Prehistoric rock art, including scratchings of a half-man/half-lizard, has been found in the province of Papua Barat, Indonesia. The other pre-historic paintings which were scratched at the niche surfaces are in the motifs of lizard, fish, tortoise, crocodile, cuscus, snake, bird and sea horse which belong to the fauna group. In the