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Prehistoric humans and bears battled for caves

This is pretty epic to imagine - Prehistoric humans may have had to battle it out with bears for caves to live in. For the study, Bon and her colleagues performed radiocarbon dating, mitochondrial DNA analysis and isotope investigations of cave bear remains from Chauvet-Pont d'Arc and Deux-Ouvertures caves located along

Cavemen cannibalism

Bones found in a Spanish cave show that cavemen cannibalized one another for food. In the journal Current Anthropology, a team led by archaeologist Eudald Carbonell of Spain's University of Rovira and Virgili, report fossil evidence of continuous cannibalism - cut marks and butchering remains - as a way of

Caveman diet included crocodiles

Apparently the caveman diet included eating crocodiles, which may have helped early humans evolve bigger brains. The work is based on bones and artifacts from a prehistoric "kitchen" that make up the earliest evidence that humans ate aquatic animals. Stone tools and the butchered bones of turtles, crocodiles, and fish

Cavemen roasted and ate birds

Evidence found on ancient bird bones show that cavemen roasted and ate birds. First, they found "cutmarks on bones of both the front and hind limb." Second, they identified the "presence of burning patterns on the extremities of the bones, areas of the skeleton with less meat." Finally, the researchers discovered "human tooth

Evidence found that cavemen butchered gomphotheres (Ice Age elephant-like beasts)

Evidence has been found near the U.S.-mexico border that cavemen butchered gomphotheres, elephant-like beasts from the Ice Age that were believed to be nearly extinct by the time humans appeared there. Researchers from the University of Arizona and Mexico's anthropology institute say they found the bones of two young gomphotheres โ€”