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Hanging coffins found in China

Hanging coffins dating back 1,200 years have been found in man-made caves in central China. Cliff burial was a funeral style widely practiced in southern China. Ancient people believed that hanging coffins prevented bodies from being taken by beasts, and blessed the souls of the deceased eternally. The coffins have become important

Neanderthal sleeping area and hearths found in Spanish cave

A sleeping area and more than 10,000 Neanderthal artifacts have been found in a cave in Catalonia. The existence of Neanderthals sleeping areas is a singularity in the world archaeological record. This type of record is only similar at some archaeological sites belongs to the Homo sapiens populations. This behaviour has

Neanderthal spear points found in Spanish cave

More than 20 spear points dating back 50,000 years have been found in Spain's Teixoneres Cave. Several of these points show diagnostic fractures typical of impacts over hard surfaces, probably over the prey bones. This discovery makes Teixoneres Cave an authentic hunting station and the Catalonian archaeological site, and probably one

Chinese cave graffiti details periods of drought

Graffiti found on the walls of a cave in central China describe the effects of drought in the area during the period spanning from 1520 to 1920. The inscriptions were found on the walls of Dayu Cave in the Qinling Mountains of central China, and describe the impacts of seven drought

560,000-year-old human tooth found in France

An adult tooth dating back more than half-a-million years has been found at Arago Cave in France. The tooth could be the oldest human remains found in France. It predates by 100,000 years the famous Tautavel man, a 20-year-old prehistoric hunter and ancestor of Neanderthal man, who was discovered at the

Mammoth ivory figurine fragments found in cave

Two fragments of a female figurine carved out of mammoth ivory have been found in a cave in Germany. The female depictions from Hohle Fels date to 40,000 years ago are the oldest depictions of humans thus far recovered. While the new find is modest compared to the “Venus of Hohle

Gambling game pieces found in Utah cave

Hundreds of ancient game pieces used for gambling have been found in a cave in Utah. Researchers exploring the cave, known simply as Cave 1, have identified hundreds of dice, hoops, carved sticks and other trinkets used in indigenous games of chance and skill. Based on what they’ve found so far, they

Defleshed Neolithic remains found in Italian cave

The remains of 22 Neolithic people whose bones were defleshed have been found in Scaloria Cave in Italy. “[Defleshing] is something which occurs in burial rites around the world but hasn't been known for prehistoric Europe yet," says John Robb, an archaeologist at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom