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Celtic bronze bracelet discovered in Poland

A Celtic bronze bracelet dating back to the 3rd century B.C. has been found in southeastern Poland. Scientists were informed of the discovery by the finder. Only fragments of the bracelet were preserved. According to the archaeologist, it is hard to determine the circumstances in which the ornament ended up in

Giant Iron Age tomb of Celtic prince found in France

A large fifth century tomb belonging to a Celtic prince has been found in eastern France. The major find so far has been a one-metre diameter giant bronze cauldron, with four circular handles decorated with the head of Acheloos, the horned Greek river-god, and eight lioness heads. Inside, a ceramic oinochoe

Celtic chariot fittings found at Iron Age fort

Celtic chariot fittings dating back to the Iron Age have been found at a hillfort in Leicestershire. After cleaning, decorative patterns became visible in the metalwork โ€“ including a triskele motif showing three waving lines, similar to the flag of the Isle of Man. It is thought the chariot would have

Celtic metal workshops excavated in France

Archaeologists are working to excavate Celtic metal workshops at a fortified settlement in central France. The aim of the excavation is to identify the building layout north of the main road in the area adjacent to the main gate of the oppidum. To date, archaeologists were able to identify workshops of

Grave of Celtic princess excavated

Archaeologists in Germany have been working to excavate the 2,600-year-old grave of a Celtic princess. She died just over 2,600 years ago and rested in peace until a few months ago when her grave was dug up in its entirety - all 80 tonnes of it - and transported on the

Ancient brewery reveals Iron Age beer recipe

A researcher studying a brewery found in an Iron Age Celtic settlement believes he has worked out the recipe used to brew beer way back in 500 B.C. Dr Hans-Peter Stika, an archaeobotanist from the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany has been studying the remains of an early Iron Age

2,600-year-old Celtic tomb found in Germany

A 2,600-year-old tomb has been found at the Celtic hill fort at Heuneburg in Germany. The noblewoman's tomb, dating from early Celtic times, measures four metres by five metres, and is exceptionally well-preserved. It contained gold and amber jewellery that makes possible for the first time the precise dating of an