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Flat stone found in mouth of Roman-era skeleton

Researchers have found the Roman-era remains of a man who had been buried face down with a flat stone in his mouth at a cemetery in England. The burial site, at Stanwick near the river Nene, dates from the third or fourth century, when people would have lived in small farming

Ancient pet cemetery unearthed in Egypt

A 2,000-year-old pet cemetery has been found at a remote Roman port town on the Red Sea. A few animals still wore iron collars when they were laid to rest, and the graves of two young cats include ostrich-shell beads. Some of the beasts’ bodies were nestled under mats or pottery

Mudbrick cemeteries found in Abydos, Egypt

Cemeteries and residential areas dating back to Egypt's First Dynasty have been found in Abydos, Egypt. As for the head of the Central Administration of Upper Egypt Antiquities, Hany Aboul Azm, he commented that the mission has so far discovered 15 huge cemeteries made of mudbrick. Aboul Azm said that the huge

Anglo-Saxon cemetery found in Bronze Age barrow

An Anglo-Saxon cemetery has been found in a Bronze Age barrow excavated ahead of construction in central England. The Iron Age inhabitants may not have had any knowledge of the barrow’s original use and meaning but their respect of the surviving earthwork may show that they understood that the area held

Philistine cemetery found in Israel

A 3,000-year-old Philistine cemetery has been excavated at the site of Ashekelon in southern Israel. “Ninety-nine percent of the chapters and articles written about Philistine burial customs should be revised or ignored now that we have the first and only Philistine cemetery,” says Lawrence E. Stager, Dorot Professor of the Archaeology

Roman cemetery found in Lincoln, England

Human remains have been found at a newly discovered Roman cemetery in Lincoln, England. The skeletal remains of two babies and an adult, plus ashes in an urn, were uncovered by the team preparing the ground for the University of Lincoln's new Sarah Swift building. And archaeologists working on the land between

Anglo-Saxon cemetery excavated

A large Anglo-Saxon cemetery with burials dating back 1,600 years has been excavated in England. Cremations, inhumations and graves accompanied by shield bosses, knives and spearheads were among the 77 burials at one of the largest Saxon cemeteries ever discovered in Wessex, say archaeologists who have released their findings after re-examining